Artificial Money Plant (Monstera) with decorative pot 180cm

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Realistic Money Plant – the lush green leaves bursting forth give out a unique and exquisite appearance that’s second to none. Life-like | Minimum effort maximum effect | Durable

Towering in at 180cm tall, this lovely plant with its plump leaves is quite a treasure to behold.

Rotund and wide leaves bow forward in every direction to give a seemingly realistic look.

This plant can easily give a nature-filled ambiance to any lacklustre room.

Great to get for yourself or as a house gift for others!


Approximate weight of the money tree: 7.1kg
Approximate width of the artificial money plant’s foliage: 100cm
Pot Size of the money plant: 17cm H / 20cm W (approx)

Package Content:

1 x Artificial Money Plant