Aquarium Temp Controller Reptile Thermostat Controller Timer LCD Digital

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SKU: V201-HBZ1209BL8AU

High-quality temperature controller help deliver accurate temperature readings for fish tank.
Stylish appearance, small and exquisite, convenient for fish tank.
Suitable for measuring water temperature in fish tank, aquarium and more.
The temperature controller numbers are clear and easy to read.
Made of premium plastic material, waterproof and practical.

Model: AC-210
Size: 23.5*6.5*4cm
Material: Plastic
Colour: Black
Temperature control range: 0~50°C
Temperature measurement range: 0~50℃
Resolution: 0.1°C
Accuracy: ±1°C
Time format: 24:00
Relay capacity: 10A/220V
Product power consumption: ≤3W
Control load: ≤1200W/220VAC
Input power: 220V±15% (VAC), 50HZ~60HZ
Main functions: cooling/heating + timing (2 time periods)(Timing not have continuous output)
Heating or Cooling Output: 10A 240VAC
Lights or oxygen pump: 10A 240VAC
Over Heat Alarm: 0°C -5.0°C adjustable
Temperature Difference:0°C -10.0°C adjustable

Package Include:
1 x Reptile Thermostat
1 x Instruction