Aerocool ASA RC2002A High Speed Car Charger Aluminium Stainless 2 USB Ports, 5V/2.4A, 5V3.1A(LS)

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ASA Car Charger Pro RC2002A SL An emergency hammer, dual port USB car charger - An emergency hammer, dual port USB car charger. 3.1A large current, charge phone and tablet - Equipped with dual USB port, Aerocool RC2002A SL car charger delivers the fastest possible current of up to 3.1A overall, which can charge two digital devices simultaneously. Intelligent IC, self-adjust output current - Built-in intelligent IC can self-adjust the ideal current to charge cellphones or tablets up to 2.4A for single port; - fully charge a phone in 2 h, a tablet in 3 - 4 h. (Note: The real charging condition relates to devices' battery capacity.) Synchronous rectification technology - Thanks to the MPS synchronous rectification technology of US, its electric energy conversion rate reaches up to 88%, which causes less unnecessary heat and is more environment-friendly. Advanced material - Aluminium alloy and stainless steel with good conductivity and corrosion resistance processed by polishing, laser etching technology is more durable; silver both match with your car. An emergency hammer - Solid structure makes it be an emergency hammer under special conditions, to break the window and keep you safe. Small size, occupies little space - Small size occupies little car space, and metal chassis perfectly matches with your car. Widely compatible - Aerocool RC2002A SL is compatible with most 5V electronic devices on the market including cellphones, tablets, e-books, mini speakers, Bluetooth headphones, MP3, MP4, PDA, PSP, GPS and etc; input voltage: 12 - 24V, work with cars or trucks. Multi-safety protection - Built-in over current / voltage / charge / load protection and short circuit protection keep devices and car safe.