7' Screen Protector 3 layer for Nexus 7 or any 7' Tablet

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7' Clear Screen Guard Shield Film Protector for ASUS Google Nexus 7 tablet PC This custom-fit screen protector allows for the vibrant colours of your LCD screen to shine through without compromising picture quality. With advanced silicone static-cling adhesive technology, this film does not require a diffcult installation process and is residue free. Material: Three material design, high quality materials, professional grade quality Packing Type: Hanging Environment friendly sealed Packing Colour: Transparent Android Tablet PC Product Special Protective Film Clear Screen Protector X1 Dedicated Cleaning Cloth X1 ?Super-high transmittance, UV resistant. ?Excellent defensive performance. Up to 4H hardening treatment, HC surface treatment, effectively preventing LCD screen from scratches and wear. ?Anti-scratch, anti-foul, anti-fog functions. ?Laser knife mold, precision cut to ensure accuracy.