5Ton 12V Car Electric Hydraulic

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SKU: V201-TON0500OR8AU

5T electric hydraulic jack, works with 12V vehicle power outlet. It is able to lift the car in less than 1 minute, with the wrench you can remove the screws quickly and change the tire.This tool kit is of succinct and compact design, easy to go with attached plastic box for easy transport and storage. The jack is capable of multiple demands, together they form up an essential and practical tool set for outdoor emergency. Also the structure is safe and stable. LED lamp on jack can be used as flashlight.

Compact size equipment stores in car for emergent roadside tire change and repair.
Comes with plastic storage case for easy transport and storage.
LED lamp on jack can be used as flashlight.
Push button controller with long enough line, plugs into car 12 volt power outlet.
5T maximum capacity, 15.5cm to 45cm lifting range.
With stable and safe structure,the machine will stop working when it rises above the height limit.

Material: Metal+Plastic
Electric Jack:
Input Voltage: 12V DC
Maximum Current: 13A
Rated Power: 150W
Maximum Load: 5 Ton
Lifting Height Range: 6.1 Inches -17.7 Inches (155mm-450mm)
Power Cord Length: 11.5 Feet (3.5 Meters)
Electric Wrench:
Input Voltage: 12V DC
Maximum Current: 12A
Rated Power: 80w
Maximum Torque: 480n.m
Cable Length: 3.5 Meters (11.5 Feet)

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