2x Towing Mirrors Pair Clip on Multi Fit Clamp On Towing Caravan 4X4 Trailer

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Summer is coming, and with it, the caravanning season. Keep a better eye on what you're towing — and your ‘blind spot' —  with these amazing universal fit towing mirrors by Randy & Travis Machinery. Whether your towing vehicle is a 4 x 4, a ute, or a car of any size, these towing mirrors will be your best friend when you're on holiday.

With their proprietary air-balanced design, these mirrors won't vibrate like most towing mirrors, thanks to its wind tunnel testing. In fact, they get more stable as you go faster. With their premium-quality strap, these mirrors will fit as well or better than pricey custom-designed mirrors. The tension is easy to adjust, and the screws will last a lifetime, thanks to their stainless steel and brass construction. With clamps, you'll have a set of mirrors that will last for years of fun to come. Safety glass and rounded corners protect you and pedestrians passing by from accidental injury. Don't risk poor visibility this year on holiday. Order your set of towing mirrors today!


Material: Flat and convex chrome mirror glass, rubber straps, stainless steel screws with brass inserts, and clamps
Colour: Black and silver
Fit: Universal
Length (entire assembly): 470mm
Length (rubber strap): 380mm
Dimensions (mirror only): 185 x 128mm (L x H)
Weight: 1.5kg (per pair)
Quantity: 2 towing mirrors
Secure fit
Works for practically any vehicle — car, 4 x 4, or ute
Enables drivers to see their caravan
Allows drivers better visibility, especially in their ‘blind spot'
2-part design allows you to have both flat and convex mirrors in a single assembly
Flexible ball swivel allows you to adjust it a full 360 ° for a perfect view
Easy-grip thumbscrews allow you to clamp them on in mere seconds
Chrome-backed mirror for easy visibility and long wear
Unbreakable clamps
Rounded surfaces protect pedestrians

Package Content:

2x Towing Mirrors Pair Clip on Multi Fit Clamp On Towing Caravan 4X4 Trailer