2x Towing Mirrors Caravan Universal Fit Clamp Multi Trailer Car Truck Vehicle

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SKU: TW1001-2

Extend your side view with our ergonomically built Towing Mirror. A great vision supporter when towing trailers or excessive load. It helps you maintain a safer distance from other vehicles on the road by providing a comprehensive overview of the vehicles on your blind side. An added advantage when driving on freeways or highways where the traffic switches its pace dynamically. Featuring a unique aerodynamic wind tunnel design, stays stable and steady when driving at high speeds.

Made from high-quality plastic. Well-built structure with exceptional durability and sturdiness, no matter what the weather it can withstand it all. Once installed stays firm and fixed on the side mirror, do not abruptly shake, or vibrate easily. Adjust the position of the mirror easily with its innovative flexible swivel mirror base. Equipped with a special flat mirror for a clearer and better side view. It can easily fit on most vehicle types. Extremely simple and easy to install and remove.

Helping you stay safe and balanced! 

Key Features

  • Perfect rear view extended
  • Premium strap system
  • Firmly fixed on the side mirror
  • Flexible swivel mirror base
  • Clear flat mirror
  • Universal fit
  • Easy installation

Material: ABS

Weight: 400g

Dimension: 38cm x 30cm x 6cm

Colour: Black

  • 2x Towing Mirror