24 Sheet Self-adhesive Sound Deadener Heat Shield Insulation Deadening Mat

SKU: V201-HBZ5130SI8AU

Extremely Light-weight & Flexible Material
High quality tri-layer, twin density lightweight foam laminate
High noise reduction & thermal insulation properties
High temperature resistance
High thermal & acoustic properties
Durable outer cover material for tough environments
Easy to cut & fit
Strong self adhesive backing
Non-flammable, flame retardant
Excellent for sealing against water and air ingress
Highly compressible closed cell foam formulation
Keeps your interior cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter
Can make the heat of the engine evenly distributed to avoid overheating the lid
Reducing energy consumption with strong performance of heat insulation
Making sound more centralized and harmony by changing the way of sound transmission

Exterior bulkhead, firewall, hood, engine compartment, engine bays
Boot, wheel arch, body panels, load floor, under seat, floor, interior bulkhead
Also ideal for under floor applications as it has great load resistance properties

Material: Fiberglass Aluminum Foil + Self-adhesive + Foam
Color: Silver + Black
Recommended Install Temperature: -10°C ~ +60°C
Resistance Temperature Range: -40°C ~ +149°C
Waterproof & Fire Resistant: Yes
Thickness Approx.: 10mm/0.39"
Size Approx. (L x W): 50cm x 30cm /19.7" x 11.8"

Parcel content:
24PCS Sound Heat Deadeners

Remove the door panels
Install the screws back in original place, it will easy be found when you mount, avoiding holes be covered
With roller tools will make insulation materials and sheet metal firm fit, and play best adhesive, damping performance
According to the effect you want choose construction program, only single Soundproof/Damping Plate or single Heat Noise Insulation Cotton or Both them.
You can also use on car roof floors, hood, firewall, chassis, trunk room, trunk lid and so on.

Please clean the surface you want to paste.
Make insulation materials and sheet metal firm fit, and play best adhesive, damping performance
Don't cover the chassis wiring or air holes when you installation
Appropriate use of adhesive tape will strengthen connections effect

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